Women's Veteran Program

The total veteran population in the United States, Puerto Rico, and foreign territories as of September 2019 was over 19 million. Almost 2 million women veterans are represented in this number. Currently, women make up approximately 10% of veterans, according to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) data. The VA’s population model forecasts that by 2045, the share of female veterans is expected to be over 18% nationwide. The number of female veterans is also projected to increase, from around 1.9 million today to 2.2 million in 2045.

Women veterans are an under-represented and under resourced segment of the veteran population.

The purpose of the program is to identify highly-skilled women veterans in each of their respective communities who want to make Illinois the most beneficial state for their sisters in arms to live and thrive in. This will happen with a multi-faceted approach involving advocacy, policy development, and coordination of support and programs at the community level.


Brave Women Serve(d) Initiative
(Women History's Month)

Peer Support Specialist Training
(quarterly in partnership with DBSA)

To Your Point
(a micro podcast; 6 minute perspectives)

Formation Call
(a monthly newsletter for women veterans by women veterans)

Women Veterans Roundtable
(in collaboration with Smart Policy Works)

How to Participate:

Ambassadors are appointed women veterans that are dedicated to veteran issues and are considered to be local subject-matter experts. They are unapologetic when it comes to speaking up on women veteran issues and are willing to go the extra mile to track down resources and answers. These tough, but caring veterans have personally gone through their own trials and transitions and are ready to focus on others who need assistance. Selections will be made by direct application (email) and local referral procedures with the selectee being identified as the best candidate that can impact their assigned geographic region.