IJF Team / Ariel Shivers-McGrew

Ariel McGrew is a 10.5 year Careerist in the Army Reserves and still serving. Her experiences within the Veteran population range from recovering homeless male veterans, service members in transition, and veterans in entrepreneurship. She has served has a National Association State Women Veteran Coordinator Associate for IL for three years. A two-term appointee for the Illinois Veteran Advisory Council and the Lead Contributor for the ‘Military Women’s Network’ in an online magazine celebrating extraordinary women with exceptional everyday lives. She’s also authored two young adult fiction novels. 

Lastly, she’s the Founder of Tactful Disruption, LLC – an online consulting practice for workplace counseling. She holds a B.Sc in Speech Communication from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of San Diego. Additional certifications include event design/event planning, nonprofit management and leadership, and career counseling.